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floor sanding cost


How much will floor sanding cost in your home or commercial premises? Wood Floor Sanding prices usually depend on several factors such as the type of timber floor and the job being done. However, it is wise not to let cost interfere with the quality of work that should be done on your wooden floors. A quality job is obviously charged differently by experienced professionals who value a good reputation and high level of service, than a quick shoddy job by cowboys who place no value on workmanship or customer service. You should complete a thorough search online and via references so as to obtain a quality floor sanding quote at a reasonable price. National Floor Sanding advises obtaining at least 2-3 floor sanding and polishing quotes prior to deciding on a floor sanding service. We also strongly suggest looking beyond price and choosing the cheapest quote. You definitely get what you pay for when it comes to floor sanding cost considerations and this is especially the case in the floor sanding and polishing industry.

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Floor Sanding Cost Variability

Condition of Timber – Is Your Timber Floor Currently Carpeted, New or Top Nailed?

The cost of floor sanding will depend on whether the hardwood floors being worked on are new or old. New floors are cheaper to sand than old ones and take far less time to prepare than previously carpeted floors or top nailed floors. You will be charged at a higher floor sanding cost square meter rate if the floor sanding company needs to remove carpet and the carpet nails embedded in the timber. If a floor is top nailed this will also take time to prepare, as the floor sander will need to punch every nail hole and then fill with putty prior to starting the floor sanding and polishing process.

Size of Your Job Will Affect Wood Floor Sanding Prices

The number of coats of varnish that you want applied varies the floor sanding cost, as does the size of the floor area that you want worked on. The larger the area the bigger the discount that can be applied to the floor sanding price square metre rate applied to your job. Generally speaking though if your timber floor area that requires work is over 80sqm in size you should receive a floor sanding cost discount per sqm. Ask the quoter when they come to your property if they are able to apply a discount due to the size of your job.

What does this look like from a dollars and cents perspective in relation to floor sanding prices? Generally if you take an average floor sanding and polishing rate per sqm of $30 and have an area of say between 90-120sqm, you should be looking at receiving a floor sanding cost discount of approximately $2-$3 per sqm due to the larger size of the area.

What Type of Finish Do You Require? This Will Affect Your Wood Floor Sanding Prices

The type of floor finishing used will also vary your floor sanding cost. National Floor Sanding specialises in the application of both solvent based polyurethanes and waterbased polyurethanes. A solvent based polyurethane finish is cheaper than the waterbased option by around $3-$5 per sqm and will reduce your cost of floor sanding. Although this product is cheaper and also harder wearing it does have some drawbacks which makes customers opt for the more expensive waterbased option.

Solvent Based Polyurethane – Cheaper, Harder Wearing, Smells on Application, Takes Longer to Dry, Yellows/Oranges over time, Harsher on Timber, Higher Level of Sheen, Looks Less Natural.

Waterbased Polyurethane – More Expensive by $3-$5 per sqm, Slightly Less Harder Wearing, Dries Faster, Looks More Natural, No Smell on Application, Better for Your Timber, Less Shiny. This product will increase the cost of floor sanding for your project.

What varnish should you choose and how does this affect floor sanding cost? We do get asked this regularly from customers who we perform floor sanding quotes for and we will aim to identify the reasons why you are having your floors sanded. In regards to the various varnish options see if you fit into any of these categories and see what floor finishing product we recommend.

When Best to Choose Solvent Based Polyurethane – Best used for rental properties as harder wearing and cheaper, you are a commercial client that needs a solution that can cope with high levels of foot traffic, when cost is a priority, have pets, want a finish with a high level of shine, do not care about moving out of your home while the sanding and polishing occurs.

When Best to Choose Waterbased Polyurethane – Choose this varnish if you are having your family home sanded and polished, have children, require a more natural finish or don’t want your timber to orange over time.

Gloss, Satin or Matte Finish?

If you are going to have your floors sanded and polished you will also need to consider the type of finish that you will require on the floors once the sanding has been completed and you have decided between either a waterbased or solvent polyurethane product.

A gloss finish is our standard finish and has the highest level of sheen. It is also the cheapest of the 3 finishes and will reduce your wood floor sanding prices slightly. This finish does look striking and will really lighten up a dark room. It can look slightly unnatural and very shiny, especially if under direct downlights and can also create a cobweb effect to the polish if the lights are strong enough. This finish does suit some houses, but we are finding more and more customers are tending to opt for the more natural satin or matte finishes. From a floor sanding cost perspective this standard finish is generally around $2 per sqm cheaper than satin or matte.

floor sanding cost

Floor Sanding Cost Will Increase When Using a Professional, But Rest Assured Your Floors Will Look Stunning

Using professional Sydney floor sanders to sand your floor is the advisable option when it comes to preserving your floors. They know how to handle specific timber, repair work, stains and different product applications. Though you may even know how to sand floors, you may not have done so for quite some time and you will most likely need to borrow a machine which you have not used before and will not have been maintained all that well either. Floor Sanding professionals are also able to obtain different floor polishing and finishing materials that best deal with your floors at cheaper prices and pass on the cost savings to you. The experience and skill which they put to work on your floor is also worth paying for. Offices and residential customers alike are saved the trouble of the time and effort that is put in searching for their own materials and equipment, time wasted in attempting the job DIY style, plus not having to deal with the added stress of making a mistake. In the long run, your floor sanding cost therefore is cheaper when using professional companies like our team at National Floor Sanding to do your floors.

floor sanding cost

Worried About Floor Sanding Cost? Choose One of the Best Value for Money Providers in Sydney

Why not consider taking up National Floor Sanding to complete a no obligation floor sanding quote and prices estimate at your property to get a better idea as to the potential floor sanding cost required. . We are not the cheapest, but not expensive by any means when you consider the dedicated customer service, our state of the art machinery and experienced floor sanders and the after care sales and support provided. We offer competitive floor sanding prices that give our clients value for their money in relation to the quality of work that they have completed. We always ensures that we maintain the same level of professionalism and excellence throughout our work from the time you make the first enquiry to arrange a floor sanding quote until we sign off on the job and you are 100% happy. To experience National Floor Sanding’s competitive rates and quality service, complete our online form on this page to get a tailored quote of our services. So request your floor sanding cost estimate now and get your flooring project started today!


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